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Measure and store your bike fit - then let our proprietary Fit Targets calculate what tri bikes will fit you best!

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We show you how to measure your Tri or TT bike and provide cloud storage for all your bike fit setups.

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Immediately see which bikes on the market will fit you using our Fit Targets and extensive database of Tri/TT bikes, bars and components! is only in "beta" mode now, but there is some more cool stuff to come - so give it a try and let us know how you like it.

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Review MyBikeFit Setups

Load existing BikeFit Setups, review measurements and notes as well as rider profile. See which measurements and fit parameters worked for you in the past. Then if you like, see what Tri bikes will fit your Setup best!

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See how well your Bikefit Setups will work on the best triathlon bikes. Find what sizes and models fit you best by seeing your fit on TTBikeFit's proprietary Fit Targets!

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