Who Are We?

MyBikeFit is a Service of TTBikeFit LLC, a company created by triathlon veterans Todd and 3x Ironman World Champion Lisbeth Kenyon to provide a superior, non biased bike fit service to triathletes. We did our first triathlon in 1992, and have competed in hundreds of races since - everything from sprints to the big one in Hawaii. It didn't take us that long though to realize that most athletes needed help with their bike fit.

As a master fitter, Todd has worked with numerous elites, Olympians, Pro Tour cyclists, and hundreds of Age groupers. Educated as engineers with graduate science degrees, we have both been fascinated by the technical aspects of the sport right from the beginning. Hence Todd created his own fit systems (including our proprietary, patented TTFitBike) based on years of competing and careful study of the best athletes.

As with most of our services and systems, My BikeFit was something we wanted for ourselves - so we knew it would useful for other athletes: first as a safe repository for your bike setups (fit coordinates); second, as a convenient way to see which tri bikes will fit your setup well through our proprietary Fit Targets. If you hit the bullseye on the target, the bike will fit you well- it's as simple as that.

Now you can have a record of your bike setups over time, look back to see what has worked well in the past, and never be caught without a properly set up bike.

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