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Measurement Value Description
Weight, lbsYour weight at the time of fit session
HeightYour height at the time of fit session
A, cmSaddle nose - aerobar tip
B1, cmSaddle nose - center of base bars/stem clamp
B2, cmSaddle nose to base bar tip
C, cmSaddle nose - back of armrest
E, cmBB spindle - seating surface
How to measure A, B1, B2, C, E:
F, cmSaddle nose setback
Measurement MUST be a negative value if nose is in front of BB
How to measure F
G, cmArmrest width - distance between center of pads
H, cmDistance from floor to saddle (see diagram below)
I, cmDistance from floor to center of bottom bracket (see diagram below)
J, cmDistance from floor to elbow cup (include half of pad thickness)
see diagram below.
How to measure H, I, J, K
K, cmFloor to base bar grip, see diagram below
L, cmSaddle nose to center of saddle rail flat section 
How to measure L
IMPORTANTMeasurements below can either be entered directly, or simply click "Calculate" buttons and we will figure them out for you!
D (cup drop), cm Seating surface - arm rest (drop)
Saddle stack, cm   Vertical distance from center of bottom bracket to center of saddle seating surface
Cup stack, cm   Vertical distance from center of bottom bracket to elbow cup
Cup reach, cm Horizontal distance from center of bottom bracket to back edge of elbow cup (Measure this by placing your bike against the corner of wall, lining up the center of the bottom bracket with the corner. Then measure horizontally from the corner of the wall to the back edge of the elbow cup)
Basebar reach Horizontal distance from BB spindle to tip of base bar grip (brake not included)
Basebar Grip Stack Vertical distance from BB spindle to top surface of base bar grip (middle of grip section)
Effective seat angle, deg Angle above horizontal of a line drawn from the center of the Bottom bracket and passing through the center of the saddle rails
Important fit coordinates