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Height: cm or in 180
Weight: lbs. or kg 230
Inseam, cm 81.28
Elbow-to-pec, cm 31
Sternal notch, cm
Your ESTIMATED ROUGH Fit Measurements
Approximate drop (D), cm15.50
Cup Stack, cm55.11
Cup Reach, cm53.99
Saddle Stack, cm70.61
Saddle Height (E), cm71.93
Saddle nose setback (F), cm-3.27
PLEASE NOTE: Saddle nose setback is based on a "standard" saddle measuring 16cm from nose to center of rail flats.
Measure your saddle and adjust accordingly. For example An Adamo race measures 11cm. Therefore your setback would
be 5cm further back (behind) the BB than shown in the table.
Estimated bike fit is based on TTBikeFit "Secret Fit" formula
"Easy Fit" - Create Setup from Estimate